my month VS reality check

November 13, 2008

tonite i dun really have much 2 do. (act, byk gle assgnmnt).. yeah.. nnt la i wat kn..hehe.. so ive just browsed thru the net & found this thing.. what i can call.. my personality..hehe.. i dunno whether it's true or not..
so i've just read thru all the points given.. i've checked 1 by 1.. well i guess some is true.. da rest are just to make the list longer.. haha!!

* Suka berbual. ( reality check : i am but to those who i KNEW well.. that means only to my close friends.. then i can be a really talkative person)

* Suka orang yang sayang padanya. ( reality check : yes.. i appreciate the love from my love ones)

* Suka ambil jln tengah. (reality check: erm.. depends on the situation.. i tends to do something in really complicated way though)

* Sangat menawan & sopan santun. (reality check: haha.. im not sure.. not in da situation of self-proclaimed rite now..hehe)

* Kecantikan luar & dalam (reality check: this one 2.. i dunno..some ppl told me that)

* Tidak pandai berbohong & berpura-pura. (reality check: im neither a liar nor a pretender)

* Mudah rasa simpati, baik dan mementingkan kawan. (reality check: depends to whom.. as 4 the frenz.. they're important but i've got my boundaries)

* Sentiasa berkawan. (reality check: erm.. maybe..but not really a over-friendly person.. more likely i befriend with every1)

* Hatinya mudah terusik tetapi merajuknya tak lama. (reality check : totally true..haha)

* Cepat marah. (reality check: occasionally..but not to any1 else but myself)

* Macam pentingkan diri sendiri.(reality check: mark the word "macam" so.. its not true..haha.. i would say dat every1 has their own priority, rite?)

* Tidak menolong orang kecuali diminta. (reality check: hehe.. sometimes)

* Suka melihat dari perspektifnya sendiri.(reality check: YUP!!.. i really lurves to do dat..hihi)

* Tidak suka terima pandangan orang lain.(reality check: still can.. but not 2 much)

* Emosi yang mudah terusik. (reality check: i do have a very stable emotional state.)

* Suka berangan. (reality check : dare 2 dreams..drives 2 wishes.. strives 4 reality..totally)

* Emosi yang kelam kabut. (reality check: as stated above.. i am stable emotionally)

* Daya firasat yang sangat kuat. (reality check: this 1.. totally true..haha..i've got really good watch out)

*Suka bidang sastera & seni. (reality check: haha.. nope.. im an accounting student.. nothing gotta do wif any arts 4 sure)

* Pengasih, penyayang & lemah lembut. (reality check: erm???? hehe)

* Romantik dalam percintaan. (reality check: have 2 ask "him".. yeke syg?? hihi)

* Mudah terusik hati & cemburu. (reality check: checked. true!!)

* Ambil berat tentang orang lain. (reality check: i did care 4 for my loved ones+ my frenz)

* Suka kegiatan luar. (reality check: yup.. i lurves the sun..hihi)

* orang yang adil. (reality check: hehe..kinda.. maybe bcoz im da eldest child)

* Boros & mudah dipengaruhi persekitaran. (reality check : kinda.. but i can still manage my money.& 4 sure im not easy 2 be influenced..tq)

* Mudah patah semangat (reality check: not at all!! according to my dad.. sy seorg yg sgt bersemangat..haha)

well.. this is me.. love me or hate me.. i just dont care what other ppl think bout me.. i am what i am.

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