brand new attitude

November 11, 2008

well, holla 2 my new sem here ;)

all da classes already started.. BUT today i didnt went 2 my class. The reason.. my timetable clashing.. pnt gler la pegi ulang-alik faculty.. ( as if i walked to get there..haha). I kept changing the sections until my laptop goes wacky..hehe.The problem is that i have 2 register 2 major subjects in this sem but both of them are clashing wif 1 another .. no matter how i rearrange the time or day or section and so on..huhu.Plus, there is no manual registration in short sem ( yup.. diz sem is a short sem..huh!!). it makes things really messed up..and 1 more thing, i dun have anything against da akak2 yg keje kat counter2 fac 2 ( i dun really want to tell what they've did that upset me).. but plz la.. have a bit common sense..haih.. Until, today around 1030 a.m... all had been settled. so im glad, i already have my final time table.. good ;)

p/s: i lurves 2 do what's this pic mention..hehe

as 4 da new brand new attitude ( sy akn try utk kurangkn my nap time..hehe)..

welcome back my bz life& gudbye 2 overdose sleeping!!

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