Monday, December 01, 2008

assignmment + mid term & etc...

erm.. looking at the title above, probably u'll get da idea what's this post about.. nothing much actually but just sje ngade2 nk complain..haha..

btw, this is my 1st post in the 1st day of the month.. been trying to do this b4.. but alwz miss it.. im quite a forgetful person..hehe. so today i did it!!! yay ;)

ok.. as expected, this week onwards would be really busy 4 me.. i've just finished 1 assgmnt.. there's another 4 more, if im not miscalculate..haha. yup, not forgotten by "lovely" mid term day, which falls nicely on this weekend..haih!! WHY???? huh~

Plus, ive got the interview & resume that need to be finished by 151208.. the major group presentation.. well, ive just checked.. is on 201208.. yeah.. another nice weekend is taken away from me..haih!! pnt2 & sgt2 pnt la cmni..hehe. i'm not sure whether there is a mid term break diz sem.. it's a short sem, so i dun think there is.. but i must check it 1st or else i akan pegi kls sorg2 4 dat week.. ( it's never happen b4 ok)..hehe what else??

erm.. yeah, another thing, find a room bcoz i wanna move out from my current apartment.. y?? the owner keep bothering me wif phone calls asking me y the agent havent give her the rental money.. haih!! to my dear aunty-rental-aparment, tolg la.. how am i supposed to know that.. sy x keje ngn that agent. so plz, jgn la call pg2.. it's quite annoying.. nope.. it's really annoyed me.. so plz dont do that ;)

but, as bz as i am ryte now & for the upcoming weeks, i'll try to update my blog as frequently as i can.. it's something i like 2 do.. something dat can reduces ( what a word!! haha) my tension..

k, ive gotta go..running outta time..hehe.. got class actually after diz.. adios!! ;)


mizzsyaidris said...


wouh wendu dong!

nadyra aiza said...


ckp indon plak ngn ak..

hah!! cpt r blk cyber.. ckp ade byk bnd nk cte..hehe

izzahismail said...

ah.good luck to you.
may everything goes well ;)

nadyra aiza said...

hihi.. thnx izzah ;)
da setel pn xm..haha