Wednesday, November 26, 2008

top 3 in my list..

hola.. cm da lme je x update..hihi ( since last week kot.. eventhough it's only a week ago)..
actually, it's now past 12 & i cant sleep & yet i've got mornin' class 2mrow..haih!! so.. i guess i want 2 update my blog..hehe..

here's the thing.. ive just accidently browsing in the SE's (sony ericsson) sites the other day.. so ive found these 3 gorgeous hp..haha ;D

here goes the 1st pic.. the top in my list.. wahaaahaa..

next, here comes the 2nd in my list..

at last but not least.. hehehe..i just post this entry 4 fun.. actually i dun have any budget 4 a new hp..but any1 want to give 1 of the above for free.. then i accept it happily..hahaaha..

p/s : i've got some agreement with my dad.. hehe.. so, ayah.. wait 4 my result this sem.. get ready 2 spend for my new hp.. 4.00 ok ayah.. n i will!! hehe ;)

k.. time 4 me 2 sleep.. da ngtok da ni..Zzzzzz ~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

my month VS reality check

tonite i dun really have much 2 do. (act, byk gle assgnmnt).. yeah.. nnt la i wat kn..hehe.. so ive just browsed thru the net & found this thing.. what i can call.. my personality..hehe.. i dunno whether it's true or not..
so i've just read thru all the points given.. i've checked 1 by 1.. well i guess some is true.. da rest are just to make the list longer.. haha!!

* Suka berbual. ( reality check : i am but to those who i KNEW well.. that means only to my close friends.. then i can be a really talkative person)

* Suka orang yang sayang padanya. ( reality check : yes.. i appreciate the love from my love ones)

* Suka ambil jln tengah. (reality check: erm.. depends on the situation.. i tends to do something in really complicated way though)

* Sangat menawan & sopan santun. (reality check: haha.. im not sure.. not in da situation of self-proclaimed rite now..hehe)

* Kecantikan luar & dalam (reality check: this one 2.. i dunno..some ppl told me that)

* Tidak pandai berbohong & berpura-pura. (reality check: im neither a liar nor a pretender)

* Mudah rasa simpati, baik dan mementingkan kawan. (reality check: depends to whom.. as 4 the frenz.. they're important but i've got my boundaries)

* Sentiasa berkawan. (reality check: erm.. maybe..but not really a over-friendly person.. more likely i befriend with every1)

* Hatinya mudah terusik tetapi merajuknya tak lama. (reality check : totally true..haha)

* Cepat marah. (reality check: occasionally..but not to any1 else but myself)

* Macam pentingkan diri sendiri.(reality check: mark the word "macam" so.. its not true..haha.. i would say dat every1 has their own priority, rite?)

* Tidak menolong orang kecuali diminta. (reality check: hehe.. sometimes)

* Suka melihat dari perspektifnya sendiri.(reality check: YUP!!.. i really lurves to do dat..hihi)

* Tidak suka terima pandangan orang lain.(reality check: still can.. but not 2 much)

* Emosi yang mudah terusik. (reality check: i do have a very stable emotional state.)

* Suka berangan. (reality check : dare 2 dreams..drives 2 wishes.. strives 4 reality..totally)

* Emosi yang kelam kabut. (reality check: as stated above.. i am stable emotionally)

* Daya firasat yang sangat kuat. (reality check: this 1.. totally true..haha..i've got really good watch out)

*Suka bidang sastera & seni. (reality check: haha.. nope.. im an accounting student.. nothing gotta do wif any arts 4 sure)

* Pengasih, penyayang & lemah lembut. (reality check: erm???? hehe)

* Romantik dalam percintaan. (reality check: have 2 ask "him".. yeke syg?? hihi)

* Mudah terusik hati & cemburu. (reality check: checked. true!!)

* Ambil berat tentang orang lain. (reality check: i did care 4 for my loved ones+ my frenz)

* Suka kegiatan luar. (reality check: yup.. i lurves the sun..hihi)

* orang yang adil. (reality check: hehe..kinda.. maybe bcoz im da eldest child)

* Boros & mudah dipengaruhi persekitaran. (reality check : kinda.. but i can still manage my money.& 4 sure im not easy 2 be influenced..tq)

* Mudah patah semangat (reality check: not at all!! according to my dad.. sy seorg yg sgt bersemangat..haha)

well.. this is me.. love me or hate me.. i just dont care what other ppl think bout me.. i am what i am.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the things i like about.. him ;)

current song: can i have this dance (HSM3 ost)
lurves this song..hehe

but my new post is not bout the song i'm surrently listening.. i'm gonna post the part of the song i'm talking goes some of the lyrics..

The seven things I like about you
Your hair, your eyes
Your old Levis
When we kiss I'm hypnotized
You make me laugh, you make me cry
But I guess that's both I'll have to buy
Your hand in mine
When we're intertwined
Everything's alright
I wanna be with the one I know
And the seventh thing I like the most that you do
You make me love you

well.. it's miley cyrus's song..when i 1st listened 2 it.. i think bout him (by this, him is refering 2 my BF..huhu).. so instead of all the 7 things in the above lyrics said.. i've got my own things i like about him..
  • i like the way he loves me
  • i like the sound of his voice
  • i like the way he laughs
  • i like the way he cares 4 me
  • die sgt la comey 4 me.. ;)
  • i like his jokes
  • i like when he cheered me up during my bad days
  • i like the things he does 2 make me smile
  • i like the way he looks at me
  • i like that he's not try to be perfect.. no 1 is perfect
  • i
but these things are not all.. there's a lot more that i like about him.. i can write all the things i adores bout him..but i want 2 keep it 2 myself.. the most important thing is that.. all these things make me love him more & more everyday..
2 u syg.. thnx 4 brighten up my days thru a year & half of our relationship!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

brand new attitude

well, holla 2 my new sem here ;)

all da classes already started.. BUT today i didnt went 2 my class. The reason.. my timetable clashing.. pnt gler la pegi ulang-alik faculty.. ( as if i walked to get there..haha). I kept changing the sections until my laptop goes wacky..hehe.The problem is that i have 2 register 2 major subjects in this sem but both of them are clashing wif 1 another .. no matter how i rearrange the time or day or section and so on..huhu.Plus, there is no manual registration in short sem ( yup.. diz sem is a short sem..huh!!). it makes things really messed up..and 1 more thing, i dun have anything against da akak2 yg keje kat counter2 fac 2 ( i dun really want to tell what they've did that upset me).. but plz la.. have a bit common sense..haih.. Until, today around 1030 a.m... all had been settled. so im glad, i already have my final time table.. good ;)

p/s: i lurves 2 do what's this pic mention..hehe

as 4 da new brand new attitude ( sy akn try utk kurangkn my nap time..hehe)..

welcome back my bz life& gudbye 2 overdose sleeping!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

none!!! ;)

A day b4 my new sem start..

at my home..
~ pack my things.. actually when i went back 4 my hols i just brought my clothes & laptop..
but during the process of packing things.. byk plak brg2.. xtaw dtg dr mne tah..hehe.. ( i went
shopping wif my sis b4 she went back 2 her matrix..hehe)
~ have 2 washed my car.. asked my bro 2 do it.. well.. he wont la.. dat's 4 sure.. ;)
~ have 2 clean up all da mess in my room.. some of the "talking" done by mama..

she : kms la blik 2.. cm pe je..
me: cm pe??? ok je.. kms la 2 kn..
she : kms pe cm2.. kms cpt!!

as i really not in da mood 2 argue wif her.. i just do it.. actually i dunno wat to be tidy up..
ade mama ckp blk 2 cm sarang tks.. as 4 ur info.. all da mess in MY ROOM were made by da lil rascals in my home..which are my bro & my lil sis.. (korg mmg la taw.. huh) haha..

rite now..
~ im blogging coz i dun have anything fun 2 do.. 2 heal my boringness..hehe
~ i'm stuck in da hall of my apartment.. coz i dun have my room's key..huh!!

p/s : 2 cik sya a.k.a my roomate.. sile blk dgn segera ye.. sy nk msk blk ni..hahaha.. ( cpt r blk.. ak da pns da dok kat lua ni..hihi)..