the half of new updates.. ;)

October 10, 2008

current mode : studying + relaxing ( i dunno which 1..hehe)

location : cyberia.. boring la kat cni.. huh~

FINALLY.. i've got da chance to update my blog.. there are few reasons why i didnt post any new things...

~ i've been really busy.. EXAMINATION..tension..tired..
( so, malas la nk update blog..haha)

~ during the raya holiday, i cant update my blog.. my streamyx
at home been strucked by lightning.. and till NOW x dapat nk online..
that's creates really boring situation especially when u're at home
doing nothing..
have to wait to go back to cyber to update anything.. hmm

yup.. dat's all from this time being.. i've gotta study.. got only 2 more papers till the day i'll have my freedom back..hahahaha..
more coming up updates is on their way..(i've sounded like a DJ..hihi).. till then..daa~

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