September 15, 2008

my WISHLIST( updated) :)
- wanna have all da latest gadjets..
(if i'm a MILLIONAIRE'S child.. haha)
-wanna have single room 4 rent..
(it's not easy when there's so many ppl in a congested room..
still looking 4 dat room i want..haha)
- wanna have brand new laptop..da sony vaio 2 be specific..hihi
- have more time.. 2 rest.. 2 study of coz..
( study hard, play hard concept thingy *wink)
- wanna get some decoration done 4 my own single room
(if i manage 2 get it by Jan next year)
- wanna return @ time when i'm still stdying at KMNS
(missed all my REAL frenz there)
- most of ALL, wanna meet the special person in my life..
* i would not have all the latest gadjets..
but still i can find something i really needs & affordable.
* i really needs to look 4 a new room..
i want some privacy to work & relax.. no more sharing..
(no offences to my roomates.. it's just something i want)
* yeah.. my laptop still can work.. hehe
* i wanna to touch up my new room by myself..
( i've got da creativity-insanity anxiety inside me..haha)
* i missed my OLD buddies so much..
( u guys are great!!!.. )
* i miss u so much.. when is the time??
[ i'll wait 4 it.. dun worry :) ]

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