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September 20, 2008

what time izzit: on my screen it's 1109am..

how's the weather: hot..of's Malaysia..

what i'm doing : blogging..duh..

for what reason u're doing it: for fun, while waiting for my mum.. hehe

i dont have anything serious to talk ( actually type) for today's post..
just a very light topic about what i'm thinking right now..
so below are the listed things that just popped into my mind

* when's mama gonna arrive here? i talked to her last nite..

me: Mama nk ambk ira kul bp esk..
mama: sok pagi la kn.. seng cket..

BUT, this morning call from her..

mama: lambat cket la ira.. Ayah overslept..
me: ok.. takpe la( what can i say more..haha)

* where am i going 4 break the fast wif my bes fren?

i think i would give her a call..
when i arrived at my home sweet home ;)

* how on earth am i going to cover 5 subjects with..
nearly 60+ chapter..and almost 100+ subtopics??

got to plan my time carefully.. i remind myself..

* how am i going to get that dictionary i want???

easy solution : ask mama to buy me 4 my 20th birthday present
( she wants to do that actually.. thanx mama.. but no thnx)
i want to buy it using my money.. ( my bro said this is 1 of tactics
to get mama buys it for me.. he's so "mulut jahat"..haha)

another option: i think i would sell my PDA to get the money
to buy that dictionary.. it's worth it..i know it..
hmm.. i guess that's all for my today's post..
till my next post.. daa~

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