group assignment.. is it really WORTH it?

September 19, 2008

mood: okay.. i guess ( sbb nk blk umh da esok)..hehe

current weather : hot!! and it's already 530pm..huh~

okay.. so let's talk bout what's da title really mean.. At first i was not quite sure to post it, but then i guess my story would be useful when you readers select your group members for group assignment. This what happened to me during this whole semester..

Yesterday, i posted bout how happy i am for my good assignment marks. Today i checked again ANOTHER mark.. for my microeconomics.. I go full mark.. Alhamdulillah. But something hit me then.. it's not fair. This assignmnt was supposed to be a GROUP assignment. But it turned out to be only individual assignment.. MINE alone. My group members like just dont bother to know bout it.. as the time's all COMPLETED by me. Now, i wished i did what my bf said.. just dropped of those names that didnt contribute anything. I SHOULD have done that. It may be cruel but they dont deserved the marks. Just taking advantage of others' hardworks.. The same things goes for dat FAR assignment.. i stayed up all night just to make sure it's finished. And not even a "thank you" i've got from them.

Today, i learned something.. i usually dont faced this kind of situation because before this all my friends are REAL frenz.. not the 1 who's just like to take advantage. Next time, i would not be nice anymore to "you guys"..
i really hope those bunch of my so-called-frenz read this. Then, u would understand why i gave u the cold shoulder after this.

And, i dont want to be cruel or anything.. But 4 ur AIS assignment me & Neera already dropped off ur name from our group. So, dont blame us.. It's because all ur attitude problem..

To my fren & very good partner, Neera, thanx alot..u really do help :)

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