Thursday, September 18, 2008

good things, bad things in a DAY!!

mood : NATURAL

it's not REALLY a good day for me.. and why is dat?? i've got bad things happened today. Not just 1 but two. So, here how's da story. I woke up this morning.. all prepared 4 my last presentation b4 i go back to my hometown diz weekend. Then, i've got texted frm my friend..

she : awk da check markh AIS?? awk dpt..bla..bla..bla..

i replied her text,

Me: Xpela.. assignmnet ade lg.. kte wat elok2..

Actually, she mislook my marks.. i've actually got lower than her. First, i was quite happy thinking that i might still has the chance to got A for AIS.. then, suddenly i checked it myself.. huh?? i've got a little only. There's goes my hope.. huh~

Luckily, the presentation was okay. Not much comment from Ms. Intan ( my lecturer).. and she said our group done it i'm in a good mood back.

After the presentation, i went to pay all the bills.. the streamyx..the water.. for my rented house. Dunno why i took this responsibility.. playing mature i guess..hahaha. Yeah.. back to my story.. here's another thing that make the worst of my day. It's about my ex-damn-roomate..who doesn't even admit she owed me nearly 100.. I know to some it's no big deal.. but i'm a i NEED my MONEY back.. About her, she already moved out. Just like that..without paying the amount she owed.. like..x taw malu btol la pompuan ni!! Writing this, i still feel the anger. And to make things even worst, she involved her mom.. I goes like WTH??? I really dont want to humiliate this the story stops here k guys..

The last thing, i've checked is my FAR assignment marks.. I actually done well..i;ve got 17.88/20.. for a tough paper..i guess it is okay..hehe..Then, ive got my mood bck for the day.. so i'm aiming to score on this paper.. wish me luck.. :) That's why im natural today.. 2 good things + 2 bad things = TODAY's event..hahaha


azizie said...
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azizie said...
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azizie said...

xabis abis ngn masalah best fren teah AKA ex-roomate korang.. hahhahaha!!

nadyra aiza said...

haha.. npe tah byk sgt ko cmmnt ni??
ala.. npe x join skali kutuk bes fren teah 2? hahahah

mizzsyaidris said...


besfren aku pulop

2 adik angkat mira la..hahaha

nadyra aiza said...

haha.. bkn adk ko ke??
2 yg "baek" sgt 2..