da latest family holidays...

September 15, 2008

here are some pics i've taken during my family hols..
im not sure.. during March/April diz year..
diz is da most recent hols wif ma family..
after a few years of..
what my parents called..
Da above pic is the main entrance of..
Below.. some of pics i've taken during the hols..
check it out!!
da nite view..
charming.. hehe
da streets of shops in "castle"
which da names..
in French... ;)
even it's in M'sia..
it looks real 2 me.. hehe
one of da garden.. nice =)

diz is 1 of my best hols ever..
even it's just 4 a day..
this place is really
nice & calm..
suits 4 a relaxation place..
but.. yeah 1 thing..
u shouldn't...
~ stay there 4 too long..u'll be bored
~ come by urself..
~ bring less money.. the food quite expensive
just go there..
have fun & relax..
1 more thing..
if u're da kind of person dat dont mind...
eating all sorts of pasta & cheese..
ALL day.. then..
go ahead...
it's adviseable..
u go somewhere else... hehe

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