Saturday, September 20, 2008

things inside my head..

what time izzit: on my screen it's 1109am..

how's the weather: hot..of's Malaysia..

what i'm doing : blogging..duh..

for what reason u're doing it: for fun, while waiting for my mum.. hehe

i dont have anything serious to talk ( actually type) for today's post..
just a very light topic about what i'm thinking right now..
so below are the listed things that just popped into my mind

* when's mama gonna arrive here? i talked to her last nite..

me: Mama nk ambk ira kul bp esk..
mama: sok pagi la kn.. seng cket..

BUT, this morning call from her..

mama: lambat cket la ira.. Ayah overslept..
me: ok.. takpe la( what can i say more..haha)

* where am i going 4 break the fast wif my bes fren?

i think i would give her a call..
when i arrived at my home sweet home ;)

* how on earth am i going to cover 5 subjects with..
nearly 60+ chapter..and almost 100+ subtopics??

got to plan my time carefully.. i remind myself..

* how am i going to get that dictionary i want???

easy solution : ask mama to buy me 4 my 20th birthday present
( she wants to do that actually.. thanx mama.. but no thnx)
i want to buy it using my money.. ( my bro said this is 1 of tactics
to get mama buys it for me.. he's so "mulut jahat"..haha)

another option: i think i would sell my PDA to get the money
to buy that dictionary.. it's worth it..i know it..
hmm.. i guess that's all for my today's post..
till my next post.. daa~

Friday, September 19, 2008

group assignment.. is it really WORTH it?

mood: okay.. i guess ( sbb nk blk umh da esok)..hehe

current weather : hot!! and it's already 530pm..huh~

okay.. so let's talk bout what's da title really mean.. At first i was not quite sure to post it, but then i guess my story would be useful when you readers select your group members for group assignment. This what happened to me during this whole semester..

Yesterday, i posted bout how happy i am for my good assignment marks. Today i checked again ANOTHER mark.. for my microeconomics.. I go full mark.. Alhamdulillah. But something hit me then.. it's not fair. This assignmnt was supposed to be a GROUP assignment. But it turned out to be only individual assignment.. MINE alone. My group members like just dont bother to know bout it.. as the time's all COMPLETED by me. Now, i wished i did what my bf said.. just dropped of those names that didnt contribute anything. I SHOULD have done that. It may be cruel but they dont deserved the marks. Just taking advantage of others' hardworks.. The same things goes for dat FAR assignment.. i stayed up all night just to make sure it's finished. And not even a "thank you" i've got from them.

Today, i learned something.. i usually dont faced this kind of situation because before this all my friends are REAL frenz.. not the 1 who's just like to take advantage. Next time, i would not be nice anymore to "you guys"..
i really hope those bunch of my so-called-frenz read this. Then, u would understand why i gave u the cold shoulder after this.

And, i dont want to be cruel or anything.. But 4 ur AIS assignment me & Neera already dropped off ur name from our group. So, dont blame us.. It's because all ur attitude problem..

To my fren & very good partner, Neera, thanx alot..u really do help :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

good things, bad things in a DAY!!

mood : NATURAL

it's not REALLY a good day for me.. and why is dat?? i've got bad things happened today. Not just 1 but two. So, here how's da story. I woke up this morning.. all prepared 4 my last presentation b4 i go back to my hometown diz weekend. Then, i've got texted frm my friend..

she : awk da check markh AIS?? awk dpt..bla..bla..bla..

i replied her text,

Me: Xpela.. assignmnet ade lg.. kte wat elok2..

Actually, she mislook my marks.. i've actually got lower than her. First, i was quite happy thinking that i might still has the chance to got A for AIS.. then, suddenly i checked it myself.. huh?? i've got a little only. There's goes my hope.. huh~

Luckily, the presentation was okay. Not much comment from Ms. Intan ( my lecturer).. and she said our group done it i'm in a good mood back.

After the presentation, i went to pay all the bills.. the streamyx..the water.. for my rented house. Dunno why i took this responsibility.. playing mature i guess..hahaha. Yeah.. back to my story.. here's another thing that make the worst of my day. It's about my ex-damn-roomate..who doesn't even admit she owed me nearly 100.. I know to some it's no big deal.. but i'm a i NEED my MONEY back.. About her, she already moved out. Just like that..without paying the amount she owed.. like..x taw malu btol la pompuan ni!! Writing this, i still feel the anger. And to make things even worst, she involved her mom.. I goes like WTH??? I really dont want to humiliate this the story stops here k guys..

The last thing, i've checked is my FAR assignment marks.. I actually done well..i;ve got 17.88/20.. for a tough paper..i guess it is okay..hehe..Then, ive got my mood bck for the day.. so i'm aiming to score on this paper.. wish me luck.. :) That's why im natural today.. 2 good things + 2 bad things = TODAY's event..hahaha

Monday, September 15, 2008


my WISHLIST( updated) :)
- wanna have all da latest gadjets..
(if i'm a MILLIONAIRE'S child.. haha)
-wanna have single room 4 rent..
(it's not easy when there's so many ppl in a congested room..
still looking 4 dat room i want..haha)
- wanna have brand new laptop..da sony vaio 2 be specific..hihi
- have more time.. 2 rest.. 2 study of coz..
( study hard, play hard concept thingy *wink)
- wanna get some decoration done 4 my own single room
(if i manage 2 get it by Jan next year)
- wanna return @ time when i'm still stdying at KMNS
(missed all my REAL frenz there)
- most of ALL, wanna meet the special person in my life..
* i would not have all the latest gadjets..
but still i can find something i really needs & affordable.
* i really needs to look 4 a new room..
i want some privacy to work & relax.. no more sharing..
(no offences to my roomates.. it's just something i want)
* yeah.. my laptop still can work.. hehe
* i wanna to touch up my new room by myself..
( i've got da creativity-insanity anxiety inside me..haha)
* i missed my OLD buddies so much..
( u guys are great!!!.. )
* i miss u so much.. when is the time??
[ i'll wait 4 it.. dun worry :) ]

da latest family holidays...

here are some pics i've taken during my family hols..
im not sure.. during March/April diz year..
diz is da most recent hols wif ma family..
after a few years of..
what my parents called..
Da above pic is the main entrance of..
Below.. some of pics i've taken during the hols..
check it out!!
da nite view..
charming.. hehe
da streets of shops in "castle"
which da names..
in French... ;)
even it's in M'sia..
it looks real 2 me.. hehe
one of da garden.. nice =)

diz is 1 of my best hols ever..
even it's just 4 a day..
this place is really
nice & calm..
suits 4 a relaxation place..
but.. yeah 1 thing..
u shouldn't...
~ stay there 4 too long..u'll be bored
~ come by urself..
~ bring less money.. the food quite expensive
just go there..
have fun & relax..
1 more thing..
if u're da kind of person dat dont mind...
eating all sorts of pasta & cheese..
ALL day.. then..
go ahead...
it's adviseable..
u go somewhere else... hehe

Friday, September 12, 2008

friends i missed most..

Is someone that everyone needs
A friend
Is that special one
A friend
Is someone you tell EVERYTHING
A friend
Is someone you never lie to
A friend
Can be a boy or a girl
A friend
Is someone that is always their
A friend
Will always listen to you
A friend
Always has input to give
A friend
Will never leave you in the dust
A friend
Will help you through the thick and the thin
A friend
Will always stand by your side
A friend
Will never let you down
A friend
Is someone everyone needs
What would you do if you didnt have a friend?
diz poem is dedicated for da frenz i've awz miss
to : yani, ain, lyana, didi,dyana,amal.. n my BFF sab..