so many things coming.. so little time

July 16, 2008

well.. my first post 4 diz month.. i barely had time to blogging at diz moment. So tonite, i juz thought.. why not i write a post since it's been a while since da last time i scribble sumthin'.. hehe. In front of my screen.. i've juz realized dat it's been 5 weeks since my new sem opened. So dat's only means 1 thing.. there are less week( less time eventually).. 2 study. I just checked my study schedule.. n GUESS what.. my upcoming MIDTERM is 2 weeks from now.. DUH!! i've got like 5 subjects & 3 of them r my MAJOR.. and hw am i supposed 2 stdy ALL THOSE KILLING PAPERS!! argh.. hw i hate da tensionism during exams.. but still gotta do it rite..
so i better follow my study time table ( which i hardly follow.. hehe).. N start stdy now :)

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