Girls these days

June 24, 2008

well looking at that title.. it's just my personal opinion. Sorry if i offended any1 in this post.. it's my expression of how irritated i am w'th all these girls. Don't get me wrong.. i am a girl. What i'm trying to say is not all girls can be trusted to be your BFF. I'm talking bout all the bitchy & plastic ones. In front of u they all nice & sweet.. yeah.. what a sweet-talker..haha. But behind ur back.. u just can call them backstabber.. N i really can't stand with this type of people. They would said something bad bout u or other people. Opps.. and 1 more thing.. it's like they all have a group.. or more likely a clique.. C'mon girls.. grow up.!! u're not in a high school anymore... duh!! I wrote this post based on my experience in my university. If you're in my place.. you'll find these girls like a sickening view. Wearing all the overloaded make-up.. N yeah.. their clothes like a real **** ( it's not really a nice name 2 call people but i just so fed-up with all these ).. I really dont have any problem with their physical appearance actually, but when they started to bitching around.. it's really annoying. I just don't get it.. what's da purpose of doing all that?? grow up girls.. be more mature n lets people look at u with respect.. :D

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