Thursday, June 19, 2008

da missing part of my life

F3P4, KMNS 06/07

when diz picture is taken.. i think almost a year plus.. diz is the last day we have class.. and it's FRIDAY.. u can tell by looking at the guys clothes.. hehe.. i cant believe i'll be saying diz.. but yeah it's true.. i miss them.. REALLY miss them.. i dont why.. there is something special bout them..they are irreplaceable.. even though im in a new place.. have new frenz.. they make my days there happier.. so thnx guys 4 all da sweet memories.. :)


nadyra aiza said...

i MISS them all ;)

euys akimy said...

believe me dear..
i miss them too.
jum bt reunion..hehe

nadyra aiza said...

le gk kn ;)