all da pressure started now..

June 22, 2008

ok.. coming 2 da second semester of my first year studies. how i felt rite now?? erm.. i'm grateful coz i did well in my previous semester.. i'm also thankful to have such an understanding family & frenz that been given me endless support towards whatever i'm into ( 4 only da good things ONLY of course.. hehe). But somehow i start 2 feel da pressure. Maybe it's just my feeling or i just in the beginning of switching MODE: from relaxation time to busy-in campus-time.. hehe.. i just wish i can maintain my performance like i did in my 1st sem.. HOPEFULLY.. i'm trying my best to get myself more knowledge here.. dat should be our real purpose of studying.. not trying to get all A'S in ur transcript.. it's not in school anymore. Here is da preparation 4 our future. Insyaallah.. may all my gains here get blessing from Him..

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