Thursday, June 26, 2008

da disastrous subject of all

i'm kinda sad.. frustrated to be exact actually. why?? i seat for my supplementary test for my Korean languange last Thursday. Just now i've checked my result and i've failed for the SECOND time.. it's not really a shock. After all, i've knew that i have done the best during the test. Just that i don't have the luck.. It's not that i dont want 2 take that blame on me. But there is something every1 good & bad at rite.. so i guess mine is learning foreign language. I realized that even i get a first class result BUT there is still a lot to be improve. so i guess i'm going to repeat again the subject.. haha

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girls these days

well looking at that title.. it's just my personal opinion. Sorry if i offended any1 in this post.. it's my expression of how irritated i am w'th all these girls. Don't get me wrong.. i am a girl. What i'm trying to say is not all girls can be trusted to be your BFF. I'm talking bout all the bitchy & plastic ones. In front of u they all nice & sweet.. yeah.. what a sweet-talker..haha. But behind ur back.. u just can call them backstabber.. N i really can't stand with this type of people. They would said something bad bout u or other people. Opps.. and 1 more thing.. it's like they all have a group.. or more likely a clique.. C'mon girls.. grow up.!! u're not in a high school anymore... duh!! I wrote this post based on my experience in my university. If you're in my place.. you'll find these girls like a sickening view. Wearing all the overloaded make-up.. N yeah.. their clothes like a real **** ( it's not really a nice name 2 call people but i just so fed-up with all these ).. I really dont have any problem with their physical appearance actually, but when they started to bitching around.. it's really annoying. I just don't get it.. what's da purpose of doing all that?? grow up girls.. be more mature n lets people look at u with respect.. :D

Sunday, June 22, 2008

all da pressure started now..

ok.. coming 2 da second semester of my first year studies. how i felt rite now?? erm.. i'm grateful coz i did well in my previous semester.. i'm also thankful to have such an understanding family & frenz that been given me endless support towards whatever i'm into ( 4 only da good things ONLY of course.. hehe). But somehow i start 2 feel da pressure. Maybe it's just my feeling or i just in the beginning of switching MODE: from relaxation time to busy-in campus-time.. hehe.. i just wish i can maintain my performance like i did in my 1st sem.. HOPEFULLY.. i'm trying my best to get myself more knowledge here.. dat should be our real purpose of studying.. not trying to get all A'S in ur transcript.. it's not in school anymore. Here is da preparation 4 our future. Insyaallah.. may all my gains here get blessing from Him..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

da missing part of my life

F3P4, KMNS 06/07

when diz picture is taken.. i think almost a year plus.. diz is the last day we have class.. and it's FRIDAY.. u can tell by looking at the guys clothes.. hehe.. i cant believe i'll be saying diz.. but yeah it's true.. i miss them.. REALLY miss them.. i dont why.. there is something special bout them..they are irreplaceable.. even though im in a new place.. have new frenz.. they make my days there happier.. so thnx guys 4 all da sweet memories.. :)