Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the colours of 08

it's the end of 2008.. for me, this year had lot of things going on.
let's get started..

- wait for my MMU application.. yeah.. im da jan intake..
- then, go there for the change of course.. from engineering student 2 accounting.. totally diff but it's ok.. :)

- what happen eyh??? for evey1 else it's lovey-dovey month.. sorry!! im not celebrating valentine that's 4 sure.. haha
- ive got my 1st lil cute car.. thanx 2 my parents!!!

- it's his birthday
- getting used already with the new environment.. living outside campus.. it's never easy.
- Plus, my 'P' license is now officially converted to permanent one.. wakakaka..

- nothing much.. just a lil preparation of my final sem1
- i dont need ta walk to campus anymore.. hehe

- me + him = a year!! :)
- what else??? my sis got back from national service.. she's gone to sarawak 4 that.. i should've snap her pic right then.. sorry sis!! no offence..hehe
- my final sem1 exam..
- sem break.. gemokkan bdn je kat umh.. mkn+sleep+TV+.. u got the pic..
- Started blogging.. my 2nd blog actually..hehe

- got my result.. yeay!! haha
- goin' 4 my sem2..
- i had the rebellious feeling.. it's not fair my other frens from the public U got long hols.. well the most ive got is 3 weeks.. hihi..
- my dad is 45.. die sll prasan mude.. hehe..
- my BFF's brthay is also on the same date as my dad's..hehe.. i x kan lupe ur brthday sab!! haha

- nothing much.. doin all other student did>>> study.. but alwiz last minute.. hehe
- my sis brthdy.. officially 18.. but not even look like 1..haha

- mid sem break.. haih!! cuti yg sgt sekejap.. tp ok la..
- my other sis brthdy.. she's 10.. ill post about my siblings in the next post.. if ive got time.. haha

- fasting month.. i recall that im not satying in cyber 4 a single weekend during this time.. it's not fun there..haha.. not really in the mood nk g kls.. especially during the hot weather..haha..
- counting the days for my final xm sem2..
- apart from that, nothing is out of ordinary..

- me turning 20.. mama turning 46..
- raye mood.. i'm not overdosed celebrating it.. the thought of xm gave pressurre on me.. haih!!
- for the 1st time after end of matrix..a year & half.. there is sum1 who understand this.. haha

- result 4 sem 2 is out.. it dropped.. but still above my target.. i'll improve it..
- sem3 started.. it's short sem.. a lil bz.. hmm..
- try to find a new room.. want 2 move out from my current apartment..
- make some sort of deal with my dad.. bout the hp i want..haha

- found the room im looking 4..
- my lil bro's brthday.. finally he's 16.. well.. he's waiting 4 that.. now i know why..he's got his bike's license..
- prepare for my final.. it's next week!! "u shud be stdying.. instead what did u do.. updating ur blog.. haih!! >>> it's 715 pm.. ill study this nite..SERIOUSLY!! hehe
- rite now, i need 2 stop myself from talking any craps..

well, that's how my days went thru this year.. a little boring maybe.. but i feel grateful ive made thru it.. ive known myself better & improved a lot.. no details bout it here.. only my parents noticed it.. thnx 2 both of u!!

gotta go guys, till then daa~

p/s: that's all the events i remembered briefly :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

yes man.

the above pic the latest movie i've watched.. last saturday. It's not the 1st option but twilight is no longer in the cinema.. alamanda gsc.. so that morning ive browsed thru the cinema site. well.. i've found 2 movies quite interesting.. ive thru both of the movies' sypnosis.. first.. we've decide to watch HISTERIA.. but i dun have the courage..haha.. plus, i nk drive mlm2 to seremban back.. well.. x payahla tgk cte antu kn..hehe

yeah.. bout the story>>> it's hillarious.. well.. it's jim carrey as the lead actor.. so u can expect it's a comedy movie.. hihi. It's about a man.. he works at a bank or financial organization kot. He's da kinda guy who usually says no to everything.. but he changed after attending a something like seminar kot. Alwiz says yes to everything.. he's sort of believe if he starts to says no back, he would be in a bad luck..haha.. funny story.. sort of make u laugh all thru 1 hour plus in tha cinema ;)

p/s : it's enjoyable movie.. thnx syg.. for da 1st time.. movie kte pilih best!! hehe

Saturday, December 20, 2008

my obsession

purpose of this post>>> kinda bored put up a post without pics..hehe.. so here comes the list:

1. FOOD!!! kinda not the healthy ones 4 sure.. let's look at the pics below..

well..hehe.. dat's 1 of my fav.. BigMac..wahaaahaa.. i'm craving 4 it ryte now..hey, it's only 11 in the mornin'..no junk food at this time..dat's the kinda of thing my mom would say when i was little..but now.. i live on my own.. so jap lg i g McD.. or i suh "die" je la blnje ptg nnt.. hehe..

hehe.. this is another food i lurves most..CHOCOLATES!!! ferrero rocher, cadbury, n lotz more..u named it.. i can give u my opinion bout them.. im like chocs specialist..hahaha!! well, it sort of make me happy & dreamy when i ate them.. maybe im not da kinda gals who cares bout gaining a few weight.. so i enjoyed eating this kinda food.. but to little children, DO NOT it eat 2 much.. ur teeth might be damaged by the time u only in secondary school..haha.

2. SUN & RAIN!!! ;)

I love the sun..especially during the mornin'.. it's kinda thing dat makes me wake up wif positive mind.. i dun have the reason why.. i just love it.. maybe kte dok kat M'sia kot..da bese pns..haha..

next weather, the opposite of the above..

the rain.. well i like it.. when it's not 2 heavy.. it's cool.. an easy way 2 make u fall asleep..haha..
that's da reason why i like it.. But if it's 2 much.. we gonna have flood so it's not good.

p/s : I still prefer a sunny day.. makes me happy.. feel energetic!! hehe

3. BOOKS.. my first love!! haha

well, da books in my home it's not like a library 4 sure... but it's quite a lot.. i made a collection of books since i was in primary school..i sound like a nerd.. but i DONT CARE.. its my interests!! haha.. till now, i still buy story books.. it's something that i found doesnt bored me.. so, that's how ive end up with a pile of books like above.. (da above pics just as an illustration k!!) hehe..

4. MUSIC.. i'm lovin' it..

music.. helps me release tension!! i listen all sort of music.. UNIVERSAL.. but im not into classic music.. no offence..but that's 1 type of music i cant deal wif..hehe. I play musical instrument.. piano & guitar.. but im more expert in piano..haha.. Beethoven, Bach & Mozart.. wait!! that's a classical pieces..haha.. Current music >>> Secondhand Serenade baby!!!haha

5. TV & MOVIES..!!

above pic is my all time fav movie.. pretty romantic.. but i never bored watching it all over again..hihi

this one is my fav tv series.. watch it from 1st season till now.. interesting characters i guess..

6. BEACHES.. ;)

the scenery.. i love beaches>>> sunset 2 be exact.. lovely scenery!! hehe

p/s : the list is randomly arranged!!

k, till my next post.. daa~

Monday, December 15, 2008

little stories of mine..

currently >>> im updating my blog ( da lme gler x update kot)..
the real reason actually nk release tension.. after a few hours with no electricity..huh~

i guess no elctrcty about this 11 sumthing in the morning.. da la mse 2 my cover letter 4 interview x siap lg.. da 1 hal plak nk kne on9 kat cmpus.. da la pns.. with all those formal clothes.. yup.. wat 2 do.. tbe2 plak xde "api"..haha. Till i finished my class at 7.. i came back from cmpus still no sign of light.. but every1 else house got elctrcty.. OMG!! 1 of my housemates forgot to pay the bill ke???
i guess so la.. that's why umh i je yg x ok2 even da bp bls jm.. tension!! i've got load of works 2 do..but this happened :(
but at last.. we've got it back at 11 p.m kot.. fuh~ hehe..

1 more thing.. i've went thru da interview assgnmnt.. i've made up the resume.. knon2 i da grad la..haha.. & da job im applying 4 is finance manager.. what am i thinking?? da intrviewr ( my tutor actually) pon cm taw je i reka sndr point 2.. all bout the SAP software crap ive made up..haha.. AIS 2 pon x amek lg.. ( Accounting Info System)..haha.. But i hope ive got gud marks.. because the previous assgnmnet which is impromtu speech, i didnt do quite well.. the topic is Bill Gates.. if u really done some research bout him then it's ok i guess.. But ive got the topic on the spot.. so, i give a speech.. again.. from the points i'm sure every1 knows..

k, ill update more.. later guys.. daa~

Monday, December 01, 2008

assignmment + mid term & etc...

erm.. looking at the title above, probably u'll get da idea what's this post about.. nothing much actually but just sje ngade2 nk complain..haha..

btw, this is my 1st post in the 1st day of the month.. been trying to do this b4.. but alwz miss it.. im quite a forgetful person..hehe. so today i did it!!! yay ;)

ok.. as expected, this week onwards would be really busy 4 me.. i've just finished 1 assgmnt.. there's another 4 more, if im not miscalculate..haha. yup, not forgotten by "lovely" mid term day, which falls nicely on this weekend..haih!! WHY???? huh~

Plus, ive got the interview & resume that need to be finished by 151208.. the major group presentation.. well, ive just checked.. is on 201208.. yeah.. another nice weekend is taken away from me..haih!! pnt2 & sgt2 pnt la cmni..hehe. i'm not sure whether there is a mid term break diz sem.. it's a short sem, so i dun think there is.. but i must check it 1st or else i akan pegi kls sorg2 4 dat week.. ( it's never happen b4 ok)..hehe what else??

erm.. yeah, another thing, find a room bcoz i wanna move out from my current apartment.. y?? the owner keep bothering me wif phone calls asking me y the agent havent give her the rental money.. haih!! to my dear aunty-rental-aparment, tolg la.. how am i supposed to know that.. sy x keje ngn that agent. so plz, jgn la call pg2.. it's quite annoying.. nope.. it's really annoyed me.. so plz dont do that ;)

but, as bz as i am ryte now & for the upcoming weeks, i'll try to update my blog as frequently as i can.. it's something i like 2 do.. something dat can reduces ( what a word!! haha) my tension..

k, ive gotta go..running outta time..hehe.. got class actually after diz.. adios!! ;)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

top 3 in my list..

hola.. cm da lme je x update..hihi ( since last week kot.. eventhough it's only a week ago)..
actually, it's now past 12 & i cant sleep & yet i've got mornin' class 2mrow..haih!! so.. i guess i want 2 update my blog..hehe..

here's the thing.. ive just accidently browsing in the SE's (sony ericsson) sites the other day.. so ive found these 3 gorgeous hp..haha ;D

here goes the 1st pic.. the top in my list.. wahaaahaa..

next, here comes the 2nd in my list..

at last but not least.. hehehe..i just post this entry 4 fun.. actually i dun have any budget 4 a new hp..but any1 want to give 1 of the above for free.. then i accept it happily..hahaaha..

p/s : i've got some agreement with my dad.. hehe.. so, ayah.. wait 4 my result this sem.. get ready 2 spend for my new hp.. 4.00 ok ayah.. n i will!! hehe ;)

k.. time 4 me 2 sleep.. da ngtok da ni..Zzzzzz ~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

my month VS reality check

tonite i dun really have much 2 do. (act, byk gle assgnmnt).. yeah.. nnt la i wat kn..hehe.. so ive just browsed thru the net & found this thing.. what i can call.. my personality..hehe.. i dunno whether it's true or not..
so i've just read thru all the points given.. i've checked 1 by 1.. well i guess some is true.. da rest are just to make the list longer.. haha!!

* Suka berbual. ( reality check : i am but to those who i KNEW well.. that means only to my close friends.. then i can be a really talkative person)

* Suka orang yang sayang padanya. ( reality check : yes.. i appreciate the love from my love ones)

* Suka ambil jln tengah. (reality check: erm.. depends on the situation.. i tends to do something in really complicated way though)

* Sangat menawan & sopan santun. (reality check: haha.. im not sure.. not in da situation of self-proclaimed rite now..hehe)

* Kecantikan luar & dalam (reality check: this one 2.. i dunno..some ppl told me that)

* Tidak pandai berbohong & berpura-pura. (reality check: im neither a liar nor a pretender)

* Mudah rasa simpati, baik dan mementingkan kawan. (reality check: depends to whom.. as 4 the frenz.. they're important but i've got my boundaries)

* Sentiasa berkawan. (reality check: erm.. maybe..but not really a over-friendly person.. more likely i befriend with every1)

* Hatinya mudah terusik tetapi merajuknya tak lama. (reality check : totally true..haha)

* Cepat marah. (reality check: occasionally..but not to any1 else but myself)

* Macam pentingkan diri sendiri.(reality check: mark the word "macam" so.. its not true..haha.. i would say dat every1 has their own priority, rite?)

* Tidak menolong orang kecuali diminta. (reality check: hehe.. sometimes)

* Suka melihat dari perspektifnya sendiri.(reality check: YUP!!.. i really lurves to do dat..hihi)

* Tidak suka terima pandangan orang lain.(reality check: still can.. but not 2 much)

* Emosi yang mudah terusik. (reality check: i do have a very stable emotional state.)

* Suka berangan. (reality check : dare 2 dreams..drives 2 wishes.. strives 4 reality..totally)

* Emosi yang kelam kabut. (reality check: as stated above.. i am stable emotionally)

* Daya firasat yang sangat kuat. (reality check: this 1.. totally true..haha..i've got really good instinct..so watch out)

*Suka bidang sastera & seni. (reality check: haha.. nope.. im an accounting student.. nothing gotta do wif any arts 4 sure)

* Pengasih, penyayang & lemah lembut. (reality check: erm???? hehe)

* Romantik dalam percintaan. (reality check: have 2 ask "him".. yeke syg?? hihi)

* Mudah terusik hati & cemburu. (reality check: checked. true!!)

* Ambil berat tentang orang lain. (reality check: i did care 4 for my loved ones+ my frenz)

* Suka kegiatan luar. (reality check: yup.. i lurves the sun..hihi)

* orang yang adil. (reality check: hehe..kinda.. maybe bcoz im da eldest child)

* Boros & mudah dipengaruhi persekitaran. (reality check : kinda.. but i can still manage my money.& 4 sure im not easy 2 be influenced..tq)

* Mudah patah semangat (reality check: not at all!! according to my dad.. sy seorg yg sgt bersemangat..haha)

well.. this is me.. love me or hate me.. i just dont care what other ppl think bout me.. i am what i am.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the things i like about.. him ;)

current song: can i have this dance (HSM3 ost)
lurves this song..hehe

but my new post is not bout the song i'm surrently listening.. i'm gonna post the part of the song i'm talking about..here goes some of the lyrics..

The seven things I like about you
Your hair, your eyes
Your old Levis
When we kiss I'm hypnotized
You make me laugh, you make me cry
But I guess that's both I'll have to buy
Your hand in mine
When we're intertwined
Everything's alright
I wanna be with the one I know
And the seventh thing I like the most that you do
You make me love you

well.. it's miley cyrus's song..when i 1st listened 2 it.. i think bout him (by this, him is refering 2 my BF..huhu).. so instead of all the 7 things in the above lyrics said.. i've got my own things i like about him..
  • i like the way he loves me
  • i like the sound of his voice
  • i like the way he laughs
  • i like the way he cares 4 me
  • die sgt la comey 4 me.. ;)
  • i like his jokes
  • i like when he cheered me up during my bad days
  • i like the things he does 2 make me smile
  • i like the way he looks at me
  • i like that he's not try to be perfect.. no 1 is perfect
  • i like..like..like..HIM..
but these things are not all.. there's a lot more that i like about him.. i can write all the things i adores bout him..but i want 2 keep it 2 myself.. the most important thing is that.. all these things make me love him more & more everyday..
2 u syg.. thnx 4 brighten up my days thru a year & half of our relationship!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

brand new attitude

well, holla 2 my new sem here ;)

all da classes already started.. BUT today i didnt went 2 my class. The reason.. my timetable clashing.. pnt gler la pegi ulang-alik faculty.. ( as if i walked to get there..haha). I kept changing the sections until my laptop goes wacky..hehe.The problem is that i have 2 register 2 major subjects in this sem but both of them are clashing wif 1 another .. no matter how i rearrange the time or day or section and so on..huhu.Plus, there is no manual registration in short sem ( yup.. diz sem is a short sem..huh!!). it makes things really messed up..and 1 more thing, i dun have anything against da akak2 yg keje kat counter2 fac 2 ( i dun really want to tell what they've did that upset me).. but plz la.. have a bit common sense..haih.. Until, today around 1030 a.m... all had been settled. so im glad, i already have my final time table.. good ;)

p/s: i lurves 2 do what's this pic mention..hehe

as 4 da new sem..my brand new attitude ( sy akn try utk kurangkn my nap time..hehe)..

welcome back my bz life& gudbye 2 overdose sleeping time..lol!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

none!!! ;)

A day b4 my new sem start..

at my home..
~ pack my things.. actually when i went back 4 my hols i just brought my clothes & laptop..
but during the process of packing things.. byk plak brg2.. xtaw dtg dr mne tah..hehe.. ( i went
shopping wif my sis b4 she went back 2 her matrix..hehe)
~ have 2 washed my car.. asked my bro 2 do it.. well.. he wont la.. dat's 4 sure.. ;)
~ have 2 clean up all da mess in my room.. some of the "talking" done by mama..

she : kms la blik 2.. cm pe je..
me: cm pe??? ok je.. kms la 2 kn..
she : kms pe cm2.. kms cpt!!

as i really not in da mood 2 argue wif her.. i just do it.. actually i dunno wat to be tidy up..
ade mama ckp blk 2 cm sarang tks.. as 4 ur info.. all da mess in MY ROOM were made by da lil rascals in my home..which are my bro & my lil sis.. (korg mmg la taw.. huh) haha..

rite now..
~ im blogging coz i dun have anything fun 2 do.. 2 heal my boringness..hehe
~ i'm stuck in da hall of my apartment.. coz i dun have my room's key..huh!!

p/s : 2 cik sya a.k.a my roomate.. sile blk dgn segera ye.. sy nk msk blk ni..hahaha.. ( cpt r blk.. ak da pns da dok kat lua ni..hihi)..

Friday, October 10, 2008

the half of new updates.. ;)

current mode : studying + relaxing ( i dunno which 1..hehe)

location : cyberia.. boring la kat cni.. huh~

FINALLY.. i've got da chance to update my blog.. there are few reasons why i didnt post any new things...
~ i've been really busy.. EXAMINATION..tension..tired..
( so, malas la nk update blog..haha)

~ during the raya holiday, i cant update my blog.. my streamyx
at home been strucked by lightning.. and till NOW x dapat nk online..
that's creates really boring situation especially when u're at home
doing nothing..
have to wait to go back to cyber to update anything.. hmm

yup.. dat's all from this time being.. i've gotta study.. got only 2 more papers till the day i'll have my freedom back..hahahaha..
more coming up updates is on their way..(i've sounded like a DJ..hihi).. till then..daa~

Saturday, September 20, 2008

things inside my head..

what time izzit: on my screen it's 1109am..

how's the weather: hot..of coz..it's Malaysia..

what i'm doing : blogging..duh..

for what reason u're doing it: for fun, while waiting for my mum.. hehe

i dont have anything serious to talk ( actually type) for today's post..
just a very light topic about what i'm thinking right now..
so below are the listed things that just popped into my mind

* when's mama gonna arrive here? i talked to her last nite..

me: Mama nk ambk ira kul bp esk..
mama: sok pagi la kn.. seng cket..

BUT, this morning call from her..

mama: lambat cket la ira.. Ayah overslept..
me: ok.. takpe la( what can i say more..haha)

* where am i going 4 break the fast wif my bes fren?

i think i would give her a call..
when i arrived at my home sweet home ;)

* how on earth am i going to cover 5 subjects with..
nearly 60+ chapter..and almost 100+ subtopics??

got to plan my time carefully.. i remind myself..

* how am i going to get that dictionary i want???

easy solution : ask mama to buy me 4 my 20th birthday present
( she wants to do that actually.. thanx mama.. but no thnx)
i want to buy it using my money.. ( my bro said this is 1 of tactics
to get mama buys it for me.. he's so "mulut jahat"..haha)

another option: i think i would sell my PDA to get the money
to buy that dictionary.. it's worth it..i know it..
hmm.. i guess that's all for my today's post..
till my next post.. daa~

Friday, September 19, 2008

group assignment.. is it really WORTH it?

mood: okay.. i guess ( sbb nk blk umh da esok)..hehe

current weather : hot!! and it's already 530pm..huh~

okay.. so let's talk bout what's da title really mean.. At first i was not quite sure to post it, but then i guess my story would be useful when you readers select your group members for group assignment. This what happened to me during this whole semester..

Yesterday, i posted bout how happy i am for my good assignment marks. Today i checked again ANOTHER mark.. for my microeconomics.. I go full mark.. Alhamdulillah. But something hit me then.. it's not fair. This assignmnt was supposed to be a GROUP assignment. But it turned out to be only individual assignment.. MINE alone. My group members like just dont bother to know bout it.. as the time passed..it's all COMPLETED by me. Now, i wished i did what my bf said.. just dropped of those names that didnt contribute anything. I SHOULD have done that. It may be cruel but they dont deserved the marks. Just taking advantage of others' hardworks.. The same things goes for dat FAR assignment.. i stayed up all night just to make sure it's finished. And not even a "thank you" i've got from them.

Today, i learned something.. i usually dont faced this kind of situation because before this all my friends are REAL frenz.. not the 1 who's just like to take advantage. Next time, i would not be nice anymore to "you guys"..
i really hope those bunch of my so-called-frenz read this. Then, u would understand why i gave u the cold shoulder after this.

And, i dont want to be cruel or anything.. But 4 ur AIS assignment me & Neera already dropped off ur name from our group. So, dont blame us.. It's because all ur attitude problem..

To my fren & very good partner, Neera, thanx alot..u really do help :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

good things, bad things in a DAY!!

mood : NATURAL

it's not REALLY a good day for me.. and why is dat?? i've got bad things happened today. Not just 1 but two. So, here how's da story. I woke up this morning.. all prepared 4 my last presentation b4 i go back to my hometown diz weekend. Then, i've got texted frm my friend..

she : awk da check markh AIS?? awk dpt..bla..bla..bla..

i replied her text,

Me: Xpela.. assignmnet ade lg.. kte wat elok2..

Actually, she mislook my marks.. i've actually got lower than her. First, i was quite happy thinking that i might still has the chance to got A for AIS.. then, suddenly i checked it myself.. huh?? i've got a little only. There's goes my hope.. huh~

Luckily, the presentation was okay. Not much comment from Ms. Intan ( my lecturer).. and she said our group done it okay..so i'm in a good mood back.

After the presentation, i went to pay all the bills.. the streamyx..the water.. for my rented house. Dunno why i took this responsibility.. playing mature i guess..hahaha. Yeah.. back to my story.. here's another thing that make the worst of my day. It's about my ex-damn-roomate..who doesn't even admit she owed me nearly 100.. I know to some it's no big deal.. but i'm a student..so i NEED my MONEY back.. About her, she already moved out. Just like that..without paying the amount she owed.. like..x taw malu btol la pompuan ni!! Writing this, i still feel the anger. And to make things even worst, she involved her mom.. I goes like WTH??? I really dont want to humiliate this girl..so the story stops here k guys..

The last thing, i've checked is my FAR assignment marks.. I actually done well..i;ve got 17.88/20.. for a tough paper..i guess it is okay..hehe..Then, ive got my mood bck for the day.. so i'm aiming to score on this paper.. wish me luck.. :) That's why im natural today.. 2 good things + 2 bad things = TODAY's event..hahaha

Monday, September 15, 2008


my WISHLIST( updated) :)
- wanna have all da latest gadjets..
(if i'm a MILLIONAIRE'S child.. haha)
-wanna have single room 4 rent..
(it's not easy when there's so many ppl in a congested room..
still looking 4 dat room i want..haha)
- wanna have brand new laptop..da sony vaio 2 be specific..hihi
- have more time.. 2 rest.. 2 study of coz..
( study hard, play hard concept thingy *wink)
- wanna get some decoration done 4 my own single room
(if i manage 2 get it by Jan next year)
- wanna return @ time when i'm still stdying at KMNS
(missed all my REAL frenz there)
- most of ALL, wanna meet the special person in my life..
* i would not have all the latest gadjets..
but still i can find something i really needs & affordable.
* i really needs to look 4 a new room..
i want some privacy to work & relax.. no more sharing..
(no offences to my roomates.. it's just something i want)
* yeah.. my laptop still can work.. hehe
* i wanna to touch up my new room by myself..
( i've got da creativity-insanity anxiety inside me..haha)
* i missed my OLD buddies so much..
( u guys are great!!!.. )
* i miss u so much.. when is the time??
[ i'll wait 4 it.. dun worry :) ]

da latest family holidays...

here are some pics i've taken during my family hols..
im not sure.. during March/April diz year..
diz is da most recent hols wif ma family..
after a few years of..
what my parents called..
Da above pic is the main entrance of..
Below.. some of pics i've taken during the hols..
check it out!!
da nite view..
charming.. hehe
da streets of shops in "castle"
which da names..
in French... ;)
even it's in M'sia..
it looks real 2 me.. hehe
one of da garden.. nice =)

diz is 1 of my best hols ever..
even it's just 4 a day..
this place is really
nice & calm..
suits 4 a relaxation place..
but.. yeah 1 thing..
u shouldn't...
~ stay there 4 too long..u'll be bored
~ come by urself..
~ bring less money.. the food quite expensive
just go there..
have fun & relax..
1 more thing..
if u're da kind of person dat dont mind...
eating all sorts of pasta & cheese..
ALL day.. then..
go ahead...
it's adviseable..
u go somewhere else... hehe

Friday, September 12, 2008

friends i missed most..

Is someone that everyone needs
A friend
Is that special one
A friend
Is someone you tell EVERYTHING
A friend
Is someone you never lie to
A friend
Can be a boy or a girl
A friend
Is someone that is always their
A friend
Will always listen to you
A friend
Always has input to give
A friend
Will never leave you in the dust
A friend
Will help you through the thick and the thin
A friend
Will always stand by your side
A friend
Will never let you down
A friend
Is someone everyone needs
What would you do if you didnt have a friend?
diz poem is dedicated for da frenz i've awz miss
to : yani, ain, lyana, didi,dyana,amal.. n my BFF sab..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

so many things coming.. so little time

well.. my first post 4 diz month.. i barely had time to blogging at diz moment. So tonite, i juz thought.. why not i write a post since it's been a while since da last time i scribble sumthin'.. hehe. In front of my screen.. i've juz realized dat it's been 5 weeks since my new sem opened. So dat's only means 1 thing.. there are less week( less time eventually).. 2 study. I just checked my study schedule.. n GUESS what.. my upcoming MIDTERM is 2 weeks from now.. DUH!! i've got like 5 subjects & 3 of them r my MAJOR.. and hw am i supposed 2 stdy ALL THOSE KILLING PAPERS!! argh.. hw i hate da tensionism during exams.. but still gotta do it rite..
so i better follow my study time table ( which i hardly follow.. hehe).. N start stdy now :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

da disastrous subject of all

i'm kinda sad.. frustrated to be exact actually. why?? i seat for my supplementary test for my Korean languange last Thursday. Just now i've checked my result and i've failed for the SECOND time.. it's not really a shock. After all, i've knew that i have done the best during the test. Just that i don't have the luck.. It's not that i dont want 2 take that blame on me. But there is something every1 good & bad at rite.. so i guess mine is learning foreign language. I realized that even i get a first class result BUT there is still a lot to be improve. so i guess i'm going to repeat again the subject.. haha

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girls these days

well looking at that title.. it's just my personal opinion. Sorry if i offended any1 in this post.. it's my expression of how irritated i am w'th all these girls. Don't get me wrong.. i am a girl. What i'm trying to say is not all girls can be trusted to be your BFF. I'm talking bout all the bitchy & plastic ones. In front of u they all nice & sweet.. yeah.. what a sweet-talker..haha. But behind ur back.. u just can call them backstabber.. N i really can't stand with this type of people. They would said something bad bout u or other people. Opps.. and 1 more thing.. it's like they all have a group.. or more likely a clique.. C'mon girls.. grow up.!! u're not in a high school anymore... duh!! I wrote this post based on my experience in my university. If you're in my place.. you'll find these girls like a sickening view. Wearing all the overloaded make-up.. N yeah.. their clothes like a real **** ( it's not really a nice name 2 call people but i just so fed-up with all these ).. I really dont have any problem with their physical appearance actually, but when they started to bitching around.. it's really annoying. I just don't get it.. what's da purpose of doing all that?? grow up girls.. be more mature n lets people look at u with respect.. :D

Sunday, June 22, 2008

all da pressure started now..

ok.. coming 2 da second semester of my first year studies. how i felt rite now?? erm.. i'm grateful coz i did well in my previous semester.. i'm also thankful to have such an understanding family & frenz that been given me endless support towards whatever i'm into ( 4 only da good things ONLY of course.. hehe). But somehow i start 2 feel da pressure. Maybe it's just my feeling or i just in the beginning of switching MODE: from relaxation time to busy-in campus-time.. hehe.. i just wish i can maintain my performance like i did in my 1st sem.. HOPEFULLY.. i'm trying my best to get myself more knowledge here.. dat should be our real purpose of studying.. not trying to get all A'S in ur transcript.. it's not in school anymore. Here is da preparation 4 our future. Insyaallah.. may all my gains here get blessing from Him..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

da missing part of my life

F3P4, KMNS 06/07

when diz picture is taken.. i think almost a year plus.. diz is the last day we have class.. and it's FRIDAY.. u can tell by looking at the guys clothes.. hehe.. i cant believe i'll be saying diz.. but yeah it's true.. i miss them.. REALLY miss them.. i dont why.. there is something special bout them..they are irreplaceable.. even though im in a new place.. have new frenz.. they make my days there happier.. so thnx guys 4 all da sweet memories.. :)